Det tredje örat - en podd från Uppsala universitet Campus Gotland

New professor of game design

November 12, 2021

Doris Carmen Rusch is a professor in game design. She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics and interactive systems from the University of Vienna. Her research focuses on existential transformative game design with an emphasis on bringing together myth, ritual and symbolic enactment, technologies of magic and neuroscience for mind body integration, inner balance and personal development. She Received the Spirit of Inquiry Award at DePaul University for her impactful games on mental health activism and is  the author of “Making Deep Games - Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose”.
Recently, she is respectfully playing around with the archetype of the “Witch” as "successful deviant" and guiding image for her initiative on Soulful and Sustainable Academia that leverages Rusch’s game design research alongside her experiences as an International Coaching Federation certified life coach with a focus on strategic intervention, energy coaching and neuroscience.

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